Recycled Bluebird House

Recycled Bluebird House
Recycled Bluebird House

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Create a safe welcoming home for bluebirds in your yard.
The Recycled Bluebird House will give your bluebirds a maintenance-free home for a lifetime. The poly-lumber construction is made from 98% recycled material, including 20 plastic containers and guaranteed never to fade, crack or split. The house features a 1-1/2” entrance hole, side door for easy cleaning, etched ladder for fledglings, plus a raised screen floor ventalation and to prevent blowfly infestation. Our Bluebird Houses are built to the “National Bluebird Society’s” specifications.
NOTE: This house is designed for cooler climates, recycled material can get well above a safe temperature for the birds in temperatures of 75°F or higher.
Dimensions: 11-5/8" x 8-3/4 " x 6-3/8 "